11th June 2020

Seattle Network Maintenance, scheduled 10 months ago

We will be performing network maintenance at our Seattle Washington location on the 16th June 2020 at 4:30pm PDT || 17th June at 12:30am BST in order to move a network uplink to a separate line card on our router to increase redundancy.

The following IP subnets will NOT be affected by this maintenance:
Any announced/BGP prefixes that do not include ddos mitigation

Date: 16th/17th June 2020
Start Time: 4:30pm PDT/12:30am BST
End Time: 5:00pm PDT / 1:00am BST
Expected outage: up to 5 minutes

We will shift traffic to different network uplinks before the maintenance occurs in an effort to keep any downtime to a minimum therefore some short packet loss events may be seen within 10 minutes prior to the maintenance start time.