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27th July 2022

Seattle Network Degraded China network performance

We are currently seeing degraded network performance to China using our AS4837 route, this is caused by a cut in the APG submarine fiber cable AS4837 uses.

Degraded performance may continue until this fiber cut is fixed.

  • We've been informed that one of the currently offline submarine fiber cables is due to be fixed on 20th August but there is still one other offline with no estimated fix date so performance may still not improve to previous performance levels.

  • Throughput at peak time has dropped to very low levels, less than 5Mb/s multithreaded. Ceranetworks has confirmed they're seeing significantly lower traffic levels meaning the fault is still within China Unicom's network.

  • Past Incidents

    7th January 2022

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    6th January 2022

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    5th January 2022

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    4th January 2022

    Seattle dedicated servers reboot

    Some dedicated servers in our Seattle location would have seen a reboot at 21:31 UTC due to a power failure on a single power circuit at the data centre. We have identified a small number of servers that are still offline and are working to get those physically checked and brought back online.

    Please contact us if you are having difficulities with your server.

  • All servers are now back online as of 22:33 UTC. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

  • 3rd January 2022

    No incidents reported

    2nd January 2022

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    1st January 2022

    No incidents reported