Dallas network offline Saturday 19th November 2022 01:35:00

Our Dallas network is currently offline, as two independently networked cabinets are offline, the problem is likely with our upstream provider but we're investigating.

The network came back up and has been stable since 14:28 UTC after our upstream replaced their switch hardware. We apologise greatly for the inconvenience caused during this extended network disruption event.

The Dallas network has been completely offline for 47 minutes so far, our upstream is already aware of the current incident and simply tells us they're working on it.

No meaningful updates to provide yet, our upstream is still saying they're working on stabilising the malfunctioning switch.

Our upstream has confirmed the outages have been caused by a malfunctioning switch of theirs, they're still working to stabilize it. Continuing to monitor the issue.

We have seen one further outage within the last 5 minutes, there may be further short outages until our upstream resolves the issue. We are currently monitoring the issue.

Network came back up at 01:35 UTC. We'll speak to our upstream about what the cause was.