Degraded performance to China Friday 30th December 2022 16:32:00

We are currently seeing degraded performance for traffic to China caused by a faulty router on the NCP submarine cable which is used by the AS4837 (China Unicom) line which started on 26th December.

We're currently evaluating the AS4134 line as a temporary solution as it has recently had considerable capacity added.

AS4837 has now been enabled for routes to China Unicom

China Unicom has said the issue with AS4837 has been resolved, we have enabled AS4837 for China Telecom and will enable it for China Unicom within 24 hours if it is stable.

China Unicom has still not provided an estimated fix date for AS4837. We're continuing to test daily and are seeing very low bandwidth throughput for AS4837 at peak time, below the level of AS4134, therefore we believe it's still in everyone's best interest to continue using AS4134 for the time being.

All outbound traffic to China is now using AS4134 (China Telecom) temporarily until AS4837 (China Unicom) resolves the congestion caused by the fiber cut within their network.

We're currently seeing good performance from AS4134 and will continue to monitor.