SEAKVM6 offline Monday 8th November 2021 16:25:00

VPS node SEAKVM6 is currently offline, we're investigating.

SEAKVM6 is now back online and we're stepping up migrations, contact us if you'd like migrated as a priority.

Server went down again, we're currently getting it checked.

Server came back online around 23:46 UTC. We're working on live migrating as many VPS's as we can to a new server so you should see no downtime during the migration.

SEAKVM6 has gone back offline, we're going to bring it back online shortly then migrate as many VPS's as possible to a new server.

VPS's started booting 10 minutes ago, you may boot your VPS via the control panel if it has not already booted.

Server should be online within 15 minutes.

We believe we know the issue and a resolution, we're working with data centre remote hands to implement the potential resolution.