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Stickied Incidents

2nd February 2023

Seattle Network Degraded performance to China

We are currently seeing degraded performance (higher packet loss and lower bandwidth throughput) to China for China Telecom and China Unicom on AS4837, likely due to significant submarine fiber cuts in Asia. We're currently waiting on an update as to when a fix will be. We have changed the outbound route to AS4134 in the meantime as it has slightly better performance. China Mobile is unaffected.

30th December 2022

Seattle Network Degraded performance to China

We are currently seeing degraded performance for traffic to China caused by a faulty router on the NCP submarine cable which is used by the AS4837 (China Unicom) line which started on 26th December.

We're currently evaluating the AS4134 line as a temporary solution as it has recently had considerable capacity added.

  • AS4837 has now been enabled for routes to China Unicom

  • China Unicom has said the issue with AS4837 has been resolved, we have enabled AS4837 for China Telecom and will enable it for China Unicom within 24 hours if it is stable.

  • China Unicom has still not provided an estimated fix date for AS4837. We're continuing to test daily and are seeing very low bandwidth throughput for AS4837 at peak time, below the level of AS4134, therefore we believe it's still in everyone's best interest to continue using AS4134 for the time being.

  • All outbound traffic to China is now using AS4134 (China Telecom) temporarily until AS4837 (China Unicom) resolves the congestion caused by the fiber cut within their network.

    We're currently seeing good performance from AS4134 and will continue to monitor.

  • Past Incidents

    11th November 2021

    Seattle Network Seattle network down

    Our Seattle network is currently suffering an outage, we're investigating.

  • Network was fully back online at 04:35 UTC. We're investigating the cause of our core router suffering a significant failure.

  • 10th November 2021

    No incidents reported

    9th November 2021

    No incidents reported

    8th November 2021

    SEAKVM6 SEAKVM6 offline

    VPS node SEAKVM6 is currently offline, we're investigating.

  • SEAKVM6 is now back online and we're stepping up migrations, contact us if you'd like migrated as a priority.

  • Server went down again, we're currently getting it checked.

  • Server came back online around 23:46 UTC. We're working on live migrating as many VPS's as we can to a new server so you should see no downtime during the migration.

  • SEAKVM6 has gone back offline, we're going to bring it back online shortly then migrate as many VPS's as possible to a new server.

  • VPS's started booting 10 minutes ago, you may boot your VPS via the control panel if it has not already booted.

  • Server should be online within 15 minutes.

  • We believe we know the issue and a resolution, we're working with data centre remote hands to implement the potential resolution.

  • 7th November 2021

    No incidents reported

    6th November 2021

    No incidents reported

    5th November 2021

    No incidents reported